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Akhry Ameer

The incumbent President of the Workshop Players, an all round theatre personality who has been ‘all around’ working with most producers and directors of Sri Lankan English Theatre. His only lament is that he never gets to fully act as he was always given minor roles so he could be utilized backstage. His knowledge and experience in lighting, sound, set design and construction and stage management makes him quite a dedicated theatre professional. Of all he finds himself in his ‘elements’ when he challenges his stress levels balancing plenty of microphones and sound equipment simultaneously. Akhry came into the Workshop family as an assistant to Gerry Jayasinghe to coordinate sound at Les Miserables (1996) and has been involved in all its productions since then. He won the Producers Award as President of the Workshop Players in putting together Oliver!
Akhry’s advent into theatre began at S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia as a 15 year old stage manager in “Importance of Being Ernest” responsible for turning an elaborate antique drawing room set into a lush English manor house garden. This together with the fun and enjoyment of his Speech and Drama classes under Mrs. Wendy Holsinger sealed in him a love for theatre which made him pursue his Licentiate diploma from Trinity College (UK) in Speech and Drama.
Besides Workshop, Akhry is a teacher and examiner of the Wendy Whatmore Academy of Speech and Drama and is a member of its Advisory Committee. He also runs a theatre company, Mind Adventures in partnership with Tracy Holsinger specializing in fringe theatre and unconventional theatre spaces. 
Off drama, he is a diving coach, a co-driver in rally racing and contributes a large part of his time towards the development of competitive aquatic sports. Akhry is grateful to his parents for not asking him any questions and placing their trust in him, allowing him to pursue whatever challenges and adventures he chooses.


One comment on “Akhry Ameer

  1. Hi Akhry,

    My kids Roshanara and reshan were part of the JWSP Bausy cast. we leaft the shore of SL shortly after and are due to reurn in May. IS there an upcoming production anytime in the near future?


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