Gihan Jayathilake


Gihan, the elder of the “J-Boys” as they are affectionally known, is usually found on either the lights board or the sound board of just about any production you are likely to see in Colombo, let alone the Workshop productions.

A member of WSP since 1995, he an actor and singer who WSP has been banished from being ON stage because of his intrinsic value OFF stage. Having played just about every conceivable role in the Workshop, Gihan is best known for his work on the Lights board. Having bveen on stage for The Royal Hunt of the Sun (1997) he has stage-managed some of our toughest productions (Les Miserables, The Lion King & The Phantom of the Opera) and has since been on the lights board for our recent productions (Oliver, Blood Brothers, Bugsy Malone & The Sound of Music).  He is also the recepiant of WSP’s Producers Award and far too many ‘Wings’ awards to mention.

The number of other productions that he has worked on is also a list that is too long for this page. Suffice to say that he has worked with almost every theatre or choral director in Colombo.

An Old-Joe, Gihan lends his tennor voice to the Old-Joe’s choir and spends his time managing his families business – the business of time.


2 comments on “Gihan Jayathilake

  1. And who ‘s managing the business of time now ?

  2. And who ‘s managing the business of time now ?

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