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Shanuki de Alwis


shanukiShanuki, WSP’s Assistant Artistic Director, is far too dramatic for her own good, and has loved the spotlight from day one. Her debut public performance was back in kindergarten (a very, very long time ago), when she expertly portrayed the role of a bouncing ball at the toy shop. Since then, acting has been a part of her life, and a constant source of entertainment for those who tolerate her theatrics both on and off stage. Every year, she reminds souvenir readers that she was adjudged ‘Best Actress’ in the All-Island Interschool Shakespeare Drama Competition in 1998, has won medals for acting from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and was awarded the Performer’s Certificate from the Trinity College of London, as well as an Exhibition Trophy in Speech and Drama, for achieving the highest scores in the island for 8 consecutive years.
 Past performances include the silent Liat in ‘South Pacific’ (Irene Wanigaratne – 1994), homicidal wife Mavis Hollister in ‘Murder Room’ (Andrew David – 1998), ditzy Carol Melkett in ‘Black Comedy’ (Performing Arts Company – 1999), long-clawed Nala in ‘The Lion King’ (WSP -1999 & 2001), Titania in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (Silent Hands – 2003), weepy Guinevere in ‘The Legend of Excalibur’ (Silent Hands – 2004), love-lost Juliet in ‘R&J- the tale of Romeo and Juliet’ (Stagelight&Magic Inc. -2004), the nymphomaniac Lily in ‘Bengal Bungalow’ (CentreStage Productions – 2004) and the physically abused (literally) Nancy in ‘Oliver’ (WSP – 2006).
 She thinks God is sick of being thanked for her talents by now, but wishes to pass all credit unto Him nevertheless. She’s also glad that she’s managed to drag her long-suffering but very nice boyfriend into the twisted world of WSP. She hopes that her parents – her No. 1 fans since birth- and the rest of the audience will enjoy the show as much as she has being a part of it.


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